The Assembly Rooms offers creative classes for adults and children as well as special workshops and short courses. The courses are taught by practicing artists and makers who share their knowledge and abilities in classes developed to fit the age and skill level of the student.

All our teachers are experienced practicing artists and specialists in their fields. All classes are structured to cover theoretical, practical and design aspects of their subjects, to create a well-rounded course and provide each student with a range of tangible and intangible skills.

At The Assembly Rooms we believe everyone can be creative given the time and space to develop the skills. We believe that by working slowly, making by hand and forging new abilities anyone can connect with their own creativity. We offer you the space and tuition to develop your existing abilities and interests or to explore and find new ones.

The Assembly Rooms were founded by Madeleine Griffith and Olivia Pintos-Lopez. Olivia and Madeleine are sisters who grew up sharing a love of making and have both developed their own art and design practices. They are practicing artists and their working experience ranges from teaching children and university students, architecture and interior design, furniture design and making, sculpture, illustration, set design, model making, communication design and animation.