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Introduction to animation- isobel knowles and kate matthews

ages 9-13 year olds

Overview: Over nine1.5-hour classes, children will build sets and characters together and play with animating techniques by making short scenarios. They will also record sound effects and make musical soundtracks to accompany their movies.

Outcomes: Through this process the participants will learn to design and refine a character for animation using the knowledge they have gained about the parameters of the technique

·       They will work together exploring how their different characters can interact.

·       They will design and build a miniature set to film in.

·       They will explore aspects of story telling and learn how to translating that into an animation.

·       They will learn animation techniques, basic sound design and engineering and post-production.

·       They will present their work in a final screening party.

·       Participants will take home the finished animation and their characters and sets. They will have learned the entire process of making a short animated film, the fun parts, the tricky parts and the parts requiring patience and imagination. 

Date and Time: Tuesdays 4pm-5.30pm

Commences on Tuesday 28th of April

Final class on Tuesday the 23rd of June

Skill level: Beginner’s class for children 9-13 years old

Materials supplied: Plasticine, Paper, mixed media materials

plus use of: computer, camera, lights, and sound equipment.

Cost: 1.5 hour class x nine weeks = 13.5 hours of tuition. Course cost $290.00

Note: Numbers are limited to Ten students