Children's Classes

other artists - rafael gomezbarros

: Rafael Gomezbarros :

Our teacher of our Puppetry workshop this term Trina Gaskell has worked on many productions one of which I saw a few years ago. Humans in ant costumes interacted silently with children in a large public space collaborating , collecting and building with out instruction or words.

This work "Casa Tomada " by Rafael Gomezbarros reminds me of that wonderful and slightly terrifying for a two year old, experience.

The interplay between scale, repetition and representation is wonderful.

 My son still has a fear of insects two years later.... I say it was worth it, he may say otherwise.

Animation Class Showreel

: you tube :

It is quite remarkable what a group of 9-13 year olds under some pretty wonderful tuition have produced in just nine weeks of animation classes.

We have set up a You Tube channel so you can see their show reel for yourself.

There are five short films which are very humorous and clever  showcasing the children's talents and skills learnt during the term. They employed a range of techniques and successfully did lip sinking, plasticine modelling and paper cut out animations.

A huge thank you to Isobel Knowles and Kate Matthews for helping them get to this point so quickly.

It is very impressive.