the hermitage

: the hermitage :

Many years ago my sister and I went on an incredible trip. Our first stop was St Petersburg.

We had to go with a small tour group to make it easier to get visas and a couple of days in we found our selves outside of the Hermatige Museum with the rest of our decidildly uninterested group. We were desperate to spend the entire day there but found only an hour had been allocated as we were to go on a flavoured vodka tasting tour just after. We managed to push it out to two hours and literally ran through the museum in a panic trying to see and absorb as much as possible.

When we finally emerged, late, the rest of the group was sitting in the cafe waiting.

The NGV is now hosting an exhibition Masterpieces of the Hermitage. Our children's Art- Science- History teacher Giselle has been working on the exhibition design which adds another element of interest, and I can't wait to get there and walk very slowly through it with no shots of vodka at the end.


weekender - animation for teens at the NGV this Sunday

The creators of the latest children's exhibit at the NGV will be holding a workshop this Sunday from 2-3 pm. To celebrate their opening Indonesian collective Tromarama will be showing 13-17 year olds their animation techniques and collaborating on the day to make an animation together.

Sounds like something some of our students could be interested in.

Bookings are essential as spaces are limited, all details can be found on the NGV site here. Visit their website to see more of their work like this music video from 2007 made from 12 kgs of buttons!