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Other artists - Wintergatan: Marble Machine

Music we love- Wintergatan: Marble Machine

14 months spent building a beautiful contraption that plays music using 2000 marbles. What wonderful ideas can be contained in peoples imagination.

Wintergatan music machine in action 

and How it works part 1

and How it works part 2

I love how slap dash the building process looks but how precise and beautiful the final product. 



other artists - rafael gomezbarros

: Rafael Gomezbarros :

Our teacher of our Puppetry workshop this term Trina Gaskell has worked on many productions one of which I saw a few years ago. Humans in ant costumes interacted silently with children in a large public space collaborating , collecting and building with out instruction or words.

This work "Casa Tomada " by Rafael Gomezbarros reminds me of that wonderful and slightly terrifying for a two year old, experience.

The interplay between scale, repetition and representation is wonderful.

 My son still has a fear of insects two years later.... I say it was worth it, he may say otherwise.

trotsky and ash

: trotsky and ash :


Extremely clever local women, Author Romy Ash and Designer Sarah Trotter , come together through their love of cooking as Trotsky and Ash.

Making and documenting the most delicious recipes which are all photographed by Lauren Bamford. 

They also have a seasonal cooking column for the Guardian which is always full of beautiful ideas.

I saw a photo of their blood orange rice pudding and immediately improvised a navel orange version as that was all we had at home. It was still delicious.

This afternoon I am off to Romy's place to learn the art of sour dough bread making with Sean Anderson,  something I have long wanted to master but been too nervous to try. 

other artists - ricky swallows

: ricky swallows :



Look ing at these intricate carved wooden sculptures by Ricky Swallows hand carved from Jelutong wood makes me feel very excited that I for one am signed up and ready to start our Wood Carving Introduction course. It is something I have wanted to learn for so long.  I have no delusions of creating anything along the lines of this but will be proud of my spoons and bowls.


pinchgut opera

: pinchgut opera :

Our very talented sister has taken over the role of General Manager at Pinch Gut Opera in Sydney, and I am thrilled to be flying up tomorrow for a whirlwind 24 hours to see their production of Bajazet.

Judging by the amazing four and a half star review in todays Sydney Morning Herald, that hails it "A gripping tale a glorious triumph of intensity" or  this one in The Australian today, I am in for quite a night out. I can not wait.


other artists - ana montiel

:Ana Montiel:

Ana Montiel is a Spanish designer and multi discipline artist. Her surface designs have been used on ceramics, wallpaper, textiles and video art to name just a few of the areas she has covered. 

These works are from an on going personal art project entitled Visual Mantras which explores the meditative state of repetitive drawing. I feel more relaxed just looking at them.

For a full overview of her work and a much better explanation of what she does visit her website here.

weekender - animation for teens at the NGV this Sunday

The creators of the latest children's exhibit at the NGV will be holding a workshop this Sunday from 2-3 pm. To celebrate their opening Indonesian collective Tromarama will be showing 13-17 year olds their animation techniques and collaborating on the day to make an animation together.

Sounds like something some of our students could be interested in.

Bookings are essential as spaces are limited, all details can be found on the NGV site here. Visit their website to see more of their work like this music video from 2007 made from 12 kgs of buttons!