doing it for the kids

doing it for the kids - kinderling online radio

doing it for the kids - kinderling online radio

I may be slow to the party but Kinderling online radio station is just terrific. Filled with interesting and diverse music for the whole family that won't drive you up the wall.

With programs going all day and night there is music to keep you calm if your up with children that won't sleep, or stories and music to start your day right.

There is also a selection of  Birthday party playlists you can stream to take your celebration to the next level.

doing it for the kids - walter martin

: walter martin :


Walter Martin has managed to do the impossible and make a terrific album not just for children but for everyone.

 We're all young together is whimsical sweet and a whole lot of fun and an album I often listen too even with no children around. 

Walter has captured the feeling of being a child with all its wonder, adventure, simplicity and complexity in these beautifully crafted songs. 

snap up a copy...

doing it for the kids- hervé tullet

: hervé tullet : 

Here is a new section dedicated to music, art and books for children that are equally enjoyable for adults. I thought we could start with the smashing genius that is Hervé Tullet...

There are a never ending supply of children's books out there but sometimes one comes along that is so singular and wonderful that it transcends any boundaries of age, becoming a favourite for everyone.

We have had  "Press Here" and "Mix it Up" by Hervé Tullet in our house for years now and the simple genius of both are just as wonderful after reading them for the hundredth time.

If you are not familiar with them you can grab a copy here.

you won't regret it.