big west festival

: Dwelling :

Our wonderful animation teacher Isobel Knowles has an exhibition opening this Friday as part of the Big West Festival

 "In a mesmerising spectacle, DWELLING inhabits  the HOUSE with extreme weather events, flocking beasts, and the compelling journey of women and children seeking shelter.

Masters of arresting visual poetry, an exceptional creative team weave a web of animation, special effects, performance, music and light. This open-air theatre experience places hope and despair in the same room, offering solace to anyone who ever felt homeless within their own home."

 Performances will be held this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8.30 pm, all details here.

one day - musée cinéma et miniature

 : Musée Cinéma et Miniature :

In another life I worked as a miniature model maker in the film industry. It was a wonderful job and combined my love of tiny things and sculpture. I used to make miniature version of the sets that would  then be built life size. It was a strange feeling to know a landscape in such tiny detail and then go and stand in the middle of the life sized version. A gouge done with a stanley knife became a crater you could stand in.

And then I was shown these images from the Musée Cinéma et Miniature in Lyon. Housing 100 tiny sets created for films and executed in wonderful detail, I would dearly love to go and visit one day. Aren't they magical?


other artists - rafael gomezbarros

: Rafael Gomezbarros :

Our teacher of our Puppetry workshop this term Trina Gaskell has worked on many productions one of which I saw a few years ago. Humans in ant costumes interacted silently with children in a large public space collaborating , collecting and building with out instruction or words.

This work "Casa Tomada " by Rafael Gomezbarros reminds me of that wonderful and slightly terrifying for a two year old, experience.

The interplay between scale, repetition and representation is wonderful.

 My son still has a fear of insects two years later.... I say it was worth it, he may say otherwise.

term commences

: term commences :

Our new term starts this week and it feels very exciting to think of what wonderful things that will be made and discovered. Today we did a test run blacking out the room in preparation for the Puppetry film making class tomorrow afternoon and the Oil painting class will be on tomorrow night with our lucky give away winner taking his place to learn all about the medium.

There are still a few spots available in Friday's preschool art class if you are interested or know someone who may be all the information can be found here.


doing it for the kids - walter martin

: walter martin :


Walter Martin has managed to do the impossible and make a terrific album not just for children but for everyone.

 We're all young together is whimsical sweet and a whole lot of fun and an album I often listen too even with no children around. 

Walter has captured the feeling of being a child with all its wonder, adventure, simplicity and complexity in these beautifully crafted songs. 

snap up a copy...

teacher profile - Trina Gaskell

: Trina Gaskell : 

Taking over our after school class on Tuesdays from 4.00 pm until 5.30 pm this term is Trina Gaskell.

An accomplished puppet maker Trina has worked with Snuff Puppets, Polyglot and Handspan Theatre. I was lucky enough to see Ants at Federation Square with my children which was exceptional.

The class Puppetry Film Making, will introduce children to various aspects of shadow puppet making, construction and techniques and simple film making processes. The children will capture and explore their own stories through all the processes involved from storyboarding, performing, filming, adding sound and editing their work into a final film.

How wonderful.