comic book 02 - cailan burns

ages 9-13 years

Overview: Come and make your very own comics! This course covers  the complexities of  comic book character design, storyboarding and layout helping you create your own visual stories. Over eight Tuesday afternoons for an hour and a half each week, Cailan Burns will introduce the skills and techniques to help you draw, design and bring to life a character and build a story around them. This class will build on what was covered in Comic books-01 but new students will be welcome to jump on in.

 Outcomes: Throughout this process children will be introduced to the concept of:

  • Preliminary sketches
  • Exploring drawing and illustration techniques
  • Looking at other comic book artists and styles
  • Gaining confidence to draw in their own style
  • Character development
  • Creating a back story for their character
  • Writing stories/ plots
  • expressing narratives through a visual medium
  • Finished artwork

Date and Time: 8 x Tuesdays after school from 4.00 pm - 5.30 pm

Commences on Tuesday 19th of April

Last Class on the 7th of June

Skill level: Beginner’s class for children aged 9-13 who already have a keen interest in drawing.

Materials supplied: All materials supplied

Cost: 1.5 hour class x eight weeks = 12 hours of tuition. Course cost $255.00

Note: Numbers are limited to 10 students