oil painting techniques - shannon smiley

adult (15 years +)

Overview: In this series of workshops, students will learn the basic principles of still life painting and learn a skill set that can then be applied to other genres such as portraiture and landscape painting.

The aim is to teach students how to depict a still life accurately in oil paint, focusing on three main aspects of objective representation.

• Proportion • Tone • Colour

Proportion: To begin with, students will draw from life and be guided towards achieving correct proportion. A composition for the final painting will be achieved

Tone: As an introduction to using oil paint, students will complete a tonal scale using blue and brown oil colour to create a number of varying grey tones representing light to dark. The still life will then be analysed in relation to the tonal scale. A grisaille (monochromatic tonal painting) will then be completed as the second stage of the still life painting.

Colour: Before applying colour to the painting, students will create a colour wheel, mixing from primary colour the secondary and tertiary colours. This will form the basis of discussion around understanding complimentary colour and warm and cool variations of colour. The final stage of the painting will be achieved by mixing the appropriate colours and applied over the tonal painting.

Outcomes: By focusing on three fundamental principles of painting from life, students will have the knowledge to achieve an accurate representation of an object in space. This will in turn provide the basis on which to explore a more individual choice of subject matter with an improved outcome.The workshops will also cover historical information relating to painting techniques. Students will be introduced to historical and contemporary artist who work with the still life genre and an analysis of selected images will be discussed in relation to the skills being taught. Students will have the opportunity to observe demonstrations of each key skill and will learn a comprehensive understanding about the materials being used.

Date and Time: Thursdays from 7.00pm- 9.00pm

Commences on Tuesday 28th of April

Final class on Tuesday the 23rd of June

Skill level: Beginner’s class for adults 15+ years

Materials supplied: $100.00 material cost included in the tuition fee. You will be supplied with a high quality starter kit in your first class.

Oil painting starter kit includes: 12inch X 10inch board, sketchpad, set of six Art Spectrum oil 40 ml paints, odourless solvent, odourless medium, baking paper, 4 brushes 2 x flat and 2 x round, medium and small, pallet knife and painters rags,.

plus use of an easel! 

Cost: 2 hour class x nine weeks = 18 hours of tuition. Course cost $515.00

Note: Numbers are limited to 10 students