Wood Carving techniques an introduction - Michael Conole

adult (15 years +)

Overview:  During this nine week course participants will be taught all elements of basic wood carving through creating their own hand carved spoons and bowls. 

Students will gain the skills to be able to design, produce, embellish and decorate their own hand carved wooden utilitarian objects. 

The course will cover all aspects of design, technique, craftsmanship, tool care, decoration and historical context and theory 

The technique of hand carving is an extremely versatile and immediate creative medium. In can be practiced with very few tools and rewards experimentation. It is a mediative and relaxing process the yields endless outcomes, open to the scope of each practitioner.

With timber the character of the grain becomes a part of the charm of the final object. Students will gain an understanding of wood types and suitability, carving techniques and safety.

Outcomes: Students will be given a complete overview of basic Wood Carving Techniques. They will design, carve, and finish their own wooden spoon and bowl and have the chance to elaborate on their basic forms to create their own designs. They will also gain a historical and technical groundwork in this technique from. This will equip them with the skills to continue on exploring this form after the course is completed.

Date and Time: Wednesdays from 7pm- 9pm

Commences on Wednesday 22nd of July

Final class on Wednesday the 16th of September

Skill level: beginner no experience necessary, all aspects of craftsmanship, tool use care and use and technique will be covered over the ten weeks.

Materials Supplied:  Access to a selection of wood carving tools, whittling knives, clamps, a carving base and variety of woods.

Cost: 2 hour class x 9 weeks = 18 hours of tuition. Course cost $490.00

Note: As sharp tools are used, a minimum age of fifteen is required. you will also need to sign an injury waiver form.

Numbers are limited to 10 students