elizabeth farlie


BA Graphic Design, MA Communication Design Research.

Representation is a vehicle for values and ideas either consciously or otherwise. Elizabeth is interested in how stories can be re-staged and deconstructed and how the experience of communication can open us up to new ideas, values and a stronger sense of connection.

Elizabeth’s work challenges the boundaries of our understanding. How is it we arrive at our sense of who we are and how we see the world? And what does the representation of the human form have to do with that position? She is interested in provoking an audience to participate in the meaning making process to experience an encounter with the work through the use of emotional and vulnerable content.

Elizabeth has a long history in branding and identity design and has more recently explored identity outside of a conventional design context. She has lectured at FABRICA the prestigious communication design research facility in Northern Italy.

She is influenced by people like Matt Mullican, Cindy Sherman, Tracey Emin and Louise Bourgeois because of their pattern rupturing techniques and their employment of personal meaning systems to do this.

 Elizabeth also runs skip tomorrow studio, a new initiative that uses design fictions and asks what kind of tomorrow could we have? It seeks to challenge existing systems of representation and definitions in our culture and imagine new possibilities for our future. The studio explores the representation of the self and the effect on meaning systems. Elizabeth is also currently lecturing at RMIT University.