oil painting techniques intermediate - sarah tomasetti

adult (15 years +)


Overview: This 10 week intermediate painting course will focus on a discussion of the place of representation in an era dominated by film, photography and digital media. 

Students will look at the work of a number of artists who have addressed this question via both technique and content.  In the initial weeks we will look at innovative oil techniques that incorporate and reflect this shifting culture. Students will then be asked to generate their own project using a combination of objects and reproductions. 

Suitable for students who have completed the first oil painting term at the Assembly Rooms or anyone with some basic experience.  Ideal for students looking to build a folio for entry to a degree or diploma course, or extend their own practice via discussion.

Date and Time: Tuesdays from 7.00 pm - 9.00 pm

Commences on Tuesday 13th of october

Final class on Tuesday the 15th of December.

*Please note due to Melbourne Cup Day there will be no class on Tuesday November the 3rd

Skill level: Intermediate class for adults with some previous basic painting experience 15+ years

Materials supplied: You will be supplied with a starter kit in your first class.

Oil painting starter kit includes: 12inch X 10inch board, sketchpad, odourless solvent, odourless medium, baking paper, 4 brushes 2 x flat and 2 x round, medium and small, pallet knife and painters rags,.

plus use of an easel and all paints for the class supplied.

Cost: 2 hour class x nine weeks = 18 hours of tuition. Course cost $500.00