:Special One Off Event :

Paint what you hear workshop.

Overview: A one off event bringing live musician, children and free access to paint and paper together. Children will hear the different instruments and interpret the sound into art.

Paint What You Hear workshops are directed by musician Erica Rasmussen and visual artist Zakiya Kurdi. The workshops use classical and contemporary music and visual art to engage young people and adults in the arts, inviting them to respond to live music using crayons and paint. Participants listen to live musicians and respond to the music exploring lines and shape. Children learn about the elements of music and how to capture sound on paper. The workshops are engaging and fun!

The first Paint What You Hear workshops were held at ArtPlay in Melbourne in 2012 through the City of Melbourne Arts Grant program. Workshops have subsequently been held with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Education & Outreach Program, Melbourne Recital Centre, MPavilion, Royal Children’s Hospital, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland, Incinerator Gallery, Box Hill Community Arts Centre and Dress Up Attack! Festival in Sydney.

“Love love loved it! Kids let loose and were stimulated by things they aren’t normally exposed to. Thank you!”- ArtPlay mum.

“Fantastic combination of different musical instruments and sounds, and applications!! Loved getting messy and feeling free as well as the more structured beginning. Great guidance to achieve the goal (painting to music). A sense of freedom with the different mediums (music and art).” - ArtPlay dad.

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Date and Time: 7th of July 10.00 am - 12.00 noon

Skill level:  5-10 years old

Materials supplied: All materials and live musicians supplied

Cost: $ 50

Note: Numbers are limited to 25 students