Drawing and painting using water based mediums

wild and free- exploring the animal kingdom

-lisa frankland

ages 6-12 year olds


Overview: This nine week course will focus on the use of watercolour, pencil and ink to create drawings of animals who are classed as vulnerable or endangered.  Over the nine sessions participants will experiment with a range of techniques in order to develop their own expressive drawing language in order to draw animals wild and free. Each week the children will explore a different area of the animal kingdom from tiny invertebrates to the largest species, use a new technique and explore an aspect of drawing including, tone, line and scale.

Outcomes: Children will learn how to draw and paint with water-based mediums.  Focus on light and shade, line work, and application of medium. They will take home their drawings from each week. They will develop drawing techniques and confidence with water-based mediums, and work as a group to compose a number of large-scale drawing together.

Date and Time: Saturdays from 10am- 11.30am

Commences on Saturday 2nd of May

Final class on Saturday the 27th of June

Skill level: Beginners.

Materials supplied: Watercolour pencils, inks, brushes, paper

Cost: 1.5 hour class x nine weeks = 13.5 hours of tuition. Course cost $290.00

Note: You may want to supply your own smock if you like.

Numbers are limited to Ten students