Book sculpture: nicholas jones

aged 11 years to adult

Overview: A three hour workshop led by Nicholas Jones exploring the world of Book Sculpture. Delving into the history, cultural importance and materiality of the book as a form. Ideas around literature, art storytelling and recycling are brought together to create a fun and informative workshop.

Outcomes: This Workshop will include: 

  • Introduction to Book Art
  • Demonstration
  • Discussion of themes
  • Construction and assisted teaching
  • Presentation and Discussion

Date and Time: Saturday the 17th of October from 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Skill level: Beginner’s class for all levels form children aged 11 years through to Adults.  You must be able to use scissors and a scalpel blade proficiently. 

Materials supplied: All materials supplied

Cost: 3 hour class . Course cost $ 80.00

Note: Numbers are limited to 10 students

All students will need to sign an injury waver form as sharp instruments are used.